Shawnee Mission Beach Volleyball

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Sand Volleyball Complex


We offer league play six nights a week with options available for all skill levels from recreational to intermediate. The most popular choice of the teams is coed with six players. Coed teams may have up to ten players on their roster and rotate the extra players in during play. Coed rules stipulate that at least as many women as men are on the court at one time. Teams that are new to sand volleyball, start out in a recreational league may move up to intermediate as their skills improve with passing, setting and spike.

Good Eats and Libations – The Beach Bar and Grill

Shawnee Mission Beach Volleyball offers a unique dining atmosphere at The Beach Bar and Grill located on its facility. A full menu and a full bar makes The Beach Bar and Grill is a great place to hang out before and after the game. You can also just stop by for some great food and beverages anytime. We have 10 TV’s and a giant 80” big screen. With daily food and drink specials, you will always have a great time at The Beach. Checkout our menu.
Restaurant Hours: Sunday-Friday 5PM-Midnight  Kitchen open until 10pm.


Bring your next event or party to us. We have plenty of parking and a facility second to none. The Beach and SMBV can accommodate groups up to 300. Email us at for information.

Safety and Social Distancing Guidelines at SMBV


As we return to volleyball, please be prepared to follow the guidelines outlined below while enjoying your time at SMBV: These mandates are from the Kansas.Gov Covid-19 guidelines.

1. Wherever you are on our property, you must attempt to maintain a 6 ft. or greater distance from others.

2. Preparing for your visit to SMBV.

Entrances & Exits. SMBV will have entrance through the building ONLY this year. Please remember that means you must wear a mask to enter our facility

b. Seating. Spectator and team players please place items at designated tables around the courts. Please make sure stay in designated areas around the courts. Playground is OPEN. Children need to stay close to families or playground area. The playground is SELF MONITORED.

c. Restrooms. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Wash hands after using these facilities. Please wear mask when on the deck or going inside to use the restrooms.

d. Our Bar and Grille team has a strict safety plan for food and beverage handling and monetary transactions. Please follow directions on posted signs.

i. All employees will wear masks and gloves as they prepare and serve food and conduct transactions. Sanitizer will be provided to all employees for times when gloves not available.

ii. Surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

iii. Plexiglas guards will be in place at the booth to protect both customer and employee.

iv. BAR and DECK require a mask when moving around but are open for food and drinks. EACH courts will have intercom system and Server/cocktailers will be around to take orders at courts and tables.

v. Cash or credit forms of payment are acceptable, with the customer inserting the credit card.

d. Playgrounds. Playground equipment is open. Kids should stay with their groups at the courts or at the play area. You are responsible for you kids.

e. COURTS. Courts will be sanitized before and after each day. The tables, intercom system and balls will be wiped down, sanitized. Empty courts will remain empty for social distancing and to be ready for the next round of games to offset the 30 minute prep time between games.

3. Who should not come / visit to the park?

a. Anyone with an underlying medical condition that would classify them as “high risk”.

b. Anyone who shows any signs of sickness.

c. Anyone who answers yes to any of the following questions:

i. Have you had symptoms of fever and cough, shortness of breath now or in the last 2-14 days?

ii. You or anyone in your household been to, or had contact with someone that has visited any of the restricted travel advisory locations listed on the CDC site within 14 days?

iii. Have you had close contact with anyone in the past 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.


Teams will need to make adjustments before, during, and after games during this period. Coach players on the importance of keeping our distance while playing together. 

1. Pregame and During Game. No team or player handshakes, team or player high fives,

2. Volleyball Court. The teams pick a designated table. At checkin, 1 team member may pick up a ball at the BOOTH. CHECK IN at the Booth area and present keys or I.D. for the BALL. Afterwards, Please remove all belongings from the area. SMBV will not hold lost and found items for more than a week.

Sanitizer will be available at each court for players, balls, etc.

Intercom system and cocktailers will be available for food and drink orders

After each game, teams must clean their table areas of all trash and items. Teams are encouraged to disinfect hard surface areas as well before and after.

3. PPEs. Anyone who chooses to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, glasses, or gloves can do so any time and for players, at any position.

4. Postgame. We recommend teams verbally or wave to honor the competition with their opponent after a game from across the court. No handshake lines will be allowed. After games, please report wins and loses and turn in your ball at the EXITS.

With these guidelines, we ask that everyone follow them without questioning. We are doing all of these things to maintain safety and to ALLOW all of us to play and be open. These guidelines may change in time, but this is the NEW NORM for today. Thank you for your cooperation to help us reopen and have fun at SMBV.




- Tournaments

- CATERING an OFFICE event? Outing at the BEACH! Bring the office in for a lunch team building! Contact Danny today at